Trip to Nepal cost

Trip to Nepal cost if you are planning to visit Nepal. The cost of a particular trip or tour to Nepal entirely depends on the activities you would like to take up and the season you are likely to visit. If you are interest in trekking anywhere between US$50-80 per day during peak season. whilst it is cheaper during lean season.

This is comparatively less for cultural and other sport activities such as visit to world heritage sites or mountain biking. There are luxury tours such as helicopter Everest tour. wildlife safari that is on high end of Nepal tour cost.

We have exciting Nepal tours at affordable rates. Please send us email at for more information or WhatsApp us at +9779818871818

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Everest helicopter tour cost

Everest helicopter tour cost varies depending on the type of helicopter services you take. It also depends on the season and number of participants. Everest Helicopter tours are normally operated either on Charter (private) or Sharing Basis. Everest helicopter tour cost on a Sharing basis the price per person range from USD1000 up to 1500. For Charter services the cost for renting a helicopter is between USD 4000-5000.

Helicopter costs are higher for international tourists as compared to locals because of the necessary provision for foreigners to get permits and TIMS card.

Please note that on both Sharing and Charter services, the number of maximum passengers allowed is 5. Everest Helicopter tours take off from Kathmandu and take you to Kalapathhar and Everest Base Camp before returning to Kathmandu. The Everest helicopter ride lasts for a maximum of 5 hrs.

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Zipline in Kakani

Zipline in Kakani is the newest introduction to zipline adventure in Nepal. The zipline facility is located at just an hour’s drive from Kathmandu. Zipline in Kakani is about 180m long and lasts about a minute. Hance this short zipline is best especially for children but is open to all age group of participants.

Apart from experiencing adventure, Kakani itself is a popular vantage point located near Kathmandu. Furthermore Zipline in Kakani offering great views of mountain peaks, green hills, villages and Kathmandu Valley.

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Protected areas in Nepal

There are altogether 20 protected areas in Nepal. According to 2016, World Bank data, the protected areas together cover about 24% of total land area in Nepal. These areas are further categorized into 12 national parks, 6 conservation areas, 1 hunting reserve and 1 wildlife reserve. The range of biodiversity incorporated by them range from tropical jungles and temperate vegetation of southern Nepal, wetland and freshwater lakes, along with Alpine and polar regions of glaciers, snows and barren land.

Globally 10 Ramsar sites (wetlands) of Nepal have been recognized. These protected areas of Nepal are the last conservation areas for many endangered and endemic species of flora and fauna such as  One-horned Rhinos, Asian Elephants, Dolphins, Gharial crocodiles, Royal Bengal tigers, Himalayan black bear. One unique feature of parks and conservation areas is the designation of buffer zone where indigenous communities have been living for thousands of years in harmony with nature.

Protected areas in Nepal

  1. National Parks
  2. Conservation areas
  3. Hunting reserves
  4. Wildlife reserve
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How to get to Tibet from Nepal?

Tibet region of China is the most popular destination in the world. Travellers wanting to go to Tibet often wonder how to get to there from Kathmandu, due to its proximity, is often regard as the gateway to Tibet region of China. Kathmandu and Lhasa is about 1000km distance apart. There are three border points along Nepal and Tibet (China), Khasa, Kerung and Hilsa (Humla). All these three border points are open for the citizens of the two countries as well as tourists for travel.

Kerung and Hilsa are two popular routes to go to Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar. Khasa is other option overland route use to go directly to north base camp of Mt. Everest and Lhasa. Hilsa and Kerung borders are now use by travellers and tourists Kimathanka and Korala are two border points open along Nepal-Tibet (China) border entirely used as trading points between two countries.

It takes 4 working days to get visa from Nepal. Travellers have to get a visa from Nepal even if they already have visa from somewhere else. Travelling to Tibet from Nepal is bit less expensive from other countries.

To travel to Tibet from Nepal,

We will need a copy of your passports to be emailed to us at least 21 days before your departure date. Thereafter, you will need to pass us your passports when you arrive in Nepal – where you will then need to stay in Nepal for a minimum of 5 working days before departing to Tibet.

We are organizing join-in group departure from Nepal to Tibet on every Saturday.

Here are the complete itinerary of Nepal to Tibet Fixed Departure Group Tour

  1. Kathmandu to Tibet Tour 8 days 7 nights without Mt Everest Base Camp
  2. Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Budget Tour via Mt Everest Base Camp

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Treks from Pokhara

Treks from Pokhara are both short and long, easy and difficult depending on one’s interests and time availability.

Pokhara is the gateway to Annapurna trekking region as almost all Annapurna treks start and end in Pokhara. Short treks from Pokhara include Poonhill trek, Panchase trek, Dhampus trek, Ghandruk trek, Australian Camp trek, Mohare Danda trek etc.

Short treks around Pokhara combine culture, nature and adventure.

All of these treks are suitable for trekkers of all age groups and physical ability. Families and solo trekkers can also join these treks on the spot without the need to book in advance. The best season approach from Pokhara is either Spring (Mar-May) or Autumn (Sep-Nov) though they can be done all year round. These treks do not take you to extreme altitude thus avoiding the need for acclimatization.

Here is the list of some popular treks from Pokahra.

  1. Poon Hill Trek 3 days 2 nights
  2. Mohare Danda Trek
  3. Khopra Danda Trek
  4. Gurung Hill Trek
  5. Ghorepani Poonhill Trek 4 days 3 nights
  6. Dhampus Trek
  7. Australian Camp Trek
  8. Panchase Trek
  9. Ghandruk Trek
  10. Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  11. Mardi Himal Trek 6 days
  12. Mardi Himal Trek 5 days
  13. Mardi Himal Trek 4 days

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Similarly, here is the link for the combine tour and that include short trek in Pokhara as well:

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Day treks from Kathmandu

Kathmandu is encircled by many prominent hills such as Nagarkot, Nagarjun, Champadevi, Chandragiri, Lakuribhanjyang, Shivapuri, Dhulikhel, Pharping etc. These hills are accessibly by both roads and short trekking routes making it easily reachable.

Normally trekking from Kathmandu takes about 3-7 hrs depending upon your choice and time. Day treks from Kathmandu allow you to experience village lifestyle, ethnic culture and spectacular Himalayan peaks. It also provides a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu to enjoy a peaceful and quite time in natural seeting.

Day treks from Kathmandu are also a good warm up if you wish to go for longer treks later. These short treks are suitable even for first time trekkers.

Here is a list of popular day treks from Kathmandu:

If you are interested in other sites not mentioned above, then please contact us for further information.

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Nepal Bhutan Tour

Nepal Bhutan Tour is a combined tour of two smallest Himalayan countries in South Asia: Nepal and Bhutan. Nepal is four times bigger than Bhutan but both countries have more similarities in culture, geography and biodiversity than differences.

Nepal is often regarded as the stepping stone to visit Bhutan due to regular flight connection and good interagency network for pre-visa arrangement for Bhutan.

Daily flights operate between Kathmandu and Paro making it easy for travellers to switch back and forth. In fact the flight time from Kathmandu to Paro is just 1 hr 20 minutes. There is also the option of visiting Bhutan on an overland journey from Nepal but that would require longer duration and multiple border crossings.

Once you immerse in Nepali culture and lifestyle then later it becomes rather easy to settle in Bhutanese cultures. The Buddhist heritage that Nepal is famous for is becomes even more pronounced one you are in Bhutan. The history of Bhutan is connected not just by rich Buddhist tradition but also natural attractions. But then there is a uniqueness of each destination which makes it even more appealing go for Nepal Bhutan tour.

The most popular Nepal Bhutan Tour is the 4 days 3 nights Bhutan Tour Package from Nepal, includes Flights and Visa. Click Here for itinerary and price.

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Day hikes from Kathmandu

Day hikes from Kathmandu offer you a chance to get out of the noises and buzz of Kathmandu city and spend a day in the solitude and beauty of nature.

Day hikes around Kathmandu starts with a trip in nearby surrounding hills and ends with a return to Kathmandu. 1 day hikes from Kathmandu are easy and are well below 3000m altitude, suitable for all age group of hikers. You will follow the village trail that is used by locals among the woods and villages.

This one day hike offers you beautiful green hills, rivers, wildlife and forests, clear blue skies and a spectacular view of Himalayan range. Some of the Himalayan peaks you will see along Valley include Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and even Mt. Everest. Another notable feature of best hikes from Kathmandu is the unique Nepali culture, village lifestyle and ethnic diversity.

We, best tour Nepal offering following day hikes from Kathmandu. similarly, we also offer the combine tour with a day hike in Kathamandu.

Nepal 7 day Tour

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Fitness Training for treks

Fitness training for treks is a set of exercise intended for those who are planning for trekking in Nepal Himalaya to allow for a physical strength and mental soundness.

Fitness preparation for treks has to be started at least a month prior to the actual trek. This exercise routine can be easily practiced at home or wherever you are and can be done on your own. How fit you must be for trekking? Well the answer to this depends on the type of trekking you choose: Easy, Moderate or Difficult treks. Easy trek obviously requires comparatively less exercise than a Moderate trek. The rigor and the discipline of training exercise increases with more difficult trek.

To get an idea of the fitness level required for treks, please refer to table below:

Types of Treks Duration/Altitude Trail Features Training Exercise (At least a month before the  trek)
East Treks   2-7 days/2500m Hills, villages, terraced fields Skipping, Walking, Burpee, Lateral Side Steps,
Moderate Treks   8-15 days/4500m Hills, cliffs, rivers, forests, lakes Stair climbing, Jogging, Jumping Jack, Plank, Biking  
Difficult Treks   16-25 days/5500m Hills, high passes, cliffs, rivers, forests, glaciers and snows Running, Stair climbing, Swimming, Jumping Jack, Plank, Squat    
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