Nepal backpacking

Nepal backpacking

Lonely Planet has often listed Nepal as one of the leading destinations for backpacking. So, what makes Nepal so popular for backpackers?

Tourism stats prove that majority travellers coming to Nepal are adventure lovers. That means they mostly engage in adventure activities such as trekking, climbing, rafting, bungee, paragliding, cannoning etc. Secondly, Nepal is one of the cheapest destinations in the world. Facilities such as tourist visa. Hotel accommodation and transportation expenses are all available at the lower end of the price spectrum. Not just prices but policies are also tourist friendly. As Nepalese do not practice any discrimination between budget or luxurious tourists. Tourists are always welcome with open heart.

So backpacking in Nepal is highly recommend irrespective of where you are coming from and what budget you have and how old you are. All one requires is a backpack to carry the things you need in mountains or valleys and off you go. With variety of choices in food, activities and experiences, nothing is as good in Nepal as backpacking. 

Similarly, some restricted area of Nepal like Upper Mustang,Tsum Valley as well as the western part of Nepal including Upper Dolpo, shey phoksundo doesn’t has a proper facilities of tea house. So, in this place back packing tour is more expensive. However, in other remaining place back packing tour is slightly cheap.

Here are some tour for backpacker:

Kathmandu Pokhara package

Nepal Trip package

Poon Hill Trek

Mardi Himal Trek and many other. You can go through the website of Eye on Nepal.

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