Nepal Bhutan Tour

Nepal Bhutan Tour is a combined tour of two smallest Himalayan countries in South Asia: Nepal and Bhutan. Nepal is four times bigger than Bhutan but both countries have more similarities in culture, geography and biodiversity than differences.

Nepal is often regarded as the stepping stone to visit Bhutan due to regular flight connection and good interagency network for pre-visa arrangement for Bhutan.

Daily flights operate between Kathmandu and Paro making it easy for travellers to switch back and forth. In fact the flight time from Kathmandu to Paro is just 1 hr 20 minutes. There is also the option of visiting Bhutan on an overland journey from Nepal but that would require longer duration and multiple border crossings.

Once you immerse in Nepali culture and lifestyle then later it becomes rather easy to settle in Bhutanese cultures. The Buddhist heritage that Nepal is famous for is becomes even more pronounced one you are in Bhutan. The history of Bhutan is connected not just by rich Buddhist tradition but also natural attractions. But then there is a uniqueness of each destination which makes it even more appealing go for Nepal Bhutan tour.

The most popular Nepal Bhutan Tour is the 4 days 3 nights Bhutan Tour Package from Nepal, includes Flights and Visa. Click Here for itinerary and price.

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Trip to Nepal and Bhutan

A Trip to Nepal and Bhutan is one of the most popular package tours among tourists visiting Nepal. Nepal and Bhutan are two small landlocked countries of South Asia having distinct culture, nature and history, connected only by air routes. The direct flights operated by Druk Air (daily) and Bhutan Airlines (occasionally) between Kathmandu and Paro have made trip to Nepal and Bhutan easy and feasible.

Trip to Nepal and Bhutan combines the medieval history and multi-ethnic attractions of Nepal with strong Buddhist charm of Bhutan.  The duration Nepal and Bhutan tours ranges anywhere from a week up to 3 weeks.

We have regular trip to Nepal from Delhi. Please send us email at for more information or WhatsApp us at +9779818871818

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