How to get to Tibet from Nepal?

How to get to Tibet

Tibet region of China is the most popular destination in the world. Travellers wanting to go to Tibet often wonder how to get to there from Kathmandu, due to its proximity, is often regard as the gateway to Tibet region of China. Kathmandu and Lhasa is about 1000km distance apart. There are three border points along Nepal and Tibet (China), Khasa, Kerung and Hilsa (Humla). All these three border points are open for the citizens of the two countries as well as tourists for travel.

Kerung and Hilsa are two popular routes to go to Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar. Khasa is other option overland route use to go directly to north base camp of Mt. Everest and Lhasa. Hilsa and Kerung borders are now use by travellers and tourists Kimathanka and Korala are two border points open along Nepal-Tibet (China) border entirely used as trading points between two countries.

It takes 4 working days to get visa from Nepal. Travellers have to get a visa from Nepal even if they already have visa from somewhere else. Travelling to Tibet from Nepal is bit less expensive from other countries.

To travel to Tibet from Nepal,

We will need a copy of your passports to be emailed to us at least 21 days before your departure date. Thereafter, you will need to pass us your passports when you arrive in Nepal – where you will then need to stay in Nepal for a minimum of 5 working days before departing to Tibet.

We are organizing join-in group departure from Nepal to Tibet on every Saturday.

Here are the complete itinerary of Nepal to Tibet Fixed Departure Group Tour

  1. Kathmandu to Tibet Tour 8 days 7 nights without Mt Everest Base Camp
  2. Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Budget Tour via Mt Everest Base Camp

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