Nepal Laws: Basic Requirements to run orphanage / child care home in Nepal

orphanage Basic Laws: Requirements to run orphanage child care home in Nepalhouse in nepal

Basic Laws: Requirements to run orphanage child care home in Nepal, House requirement:

According to the current Nepal laws to operate the orphanage, the house conditions and structures should be as following:

  1. The house for orphanage should be Earthquake resistance   .
  2. House must be nearby school, hospital and police station.
  3. There should have enough rooms and comfortable room for the children.
  4. House should have compound and proper playground.  
  5. Toilets /bathrooms should be separate   for boys and girls.
  6. Rooms should be open and light and air passing.
  7. Boys and girls bed rooms should be in separate flour.

Rooms required for SCIF NEPAL:

Currently, we are managing a small orphanage house in Kathmandu – SCIF Nepal. And according to requirement by Nepal Government, we need below rooms requirements.

NORoom NameQuantityRemarks
1.Girl’s Room2 roomsMaximum 4 children in a room.
2.Boy’s Room2roomsMaximum 4 children in a room.
3.Study Room1 room 
4.Kitchen Room1 room 
5.Dining Room1 room 
6.Store  room1 room 
7.Office Room1 room 
8.Library  & Computer  Room1 room 
9.TV/ Function Room.1 room 
10.Medical Room1 room 
11.Manager/staff room1 room 
 Total Room13 rooms 

Staffs / employees:

NoParticularQuantityEmployee TypeRemarks
1Care Giver1RegularLadies
3Manager 1Regular 
4Children counselor1Regular/ partial 
5Helper1Regular/ partial 
6Medical Person1Regular/ partial 
7. Sport and Entertainment  person1Regular/ partial 
 Total Required  Staffs7  

Basic Medical Requirements to run orphanage:

  1. Orphanage management should be sure if child has any health problems or not before to keep t new child in the orphanage. And need to do health checkup of new child before to keep child.  Need to prepare individual files to keep medical report of every child.  
  2.  The general health checkup should in every 3 months for every child and medical report of  every child should keep nicely.
  3. If any child has any serious health problem or suffering from any communicable diseases, should to take him/her hospital as soon as possible and should provide special take care according to doctor’s advice. A child who is getting sick, should keep her/ him separate from other children with proper take care in medical room.     

Food and Nutrition:

Food, clothes, Health, education, entertainment and are the basic rights of every one. There are some basic requirement of food and nutrition for childcare home.

  1. The food for the all children must be fresh, clean, healthy and nutritious.
  2. Food should be arranged for every child minimum four times (breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner) according to children’s age.
  3.   Kitchen and dining room should be clean and should be separate.    
  4. The food should be prepared by involvement of house management, kitchen person and senior children of the house.
  5. There should be food menu in the house and menu should be hanged or attached where everyone can see the menu.
  6. The house management can’t force to the children to have any kind of food if they don’t like to have.

Education and Uniforms/clothes:

  1. Every child has right to go school and orphanage should create the environment to go school and for study for every child  of  the house. If any child has not started school in her / his age management should be prepared for his /her school and have to admit school from new session.
  2. If any child is not able to school soon, management should create the environment for study and to learn in the house. 
  3. House should provide enough time for children to do their homework and for their study.
  4. All children should have enough clothes and uniforms according to seasons.
  5. The uniforms and clothes should be clean and healthy for the children.

Children Capacity/ Number:

There should be capacity for minimum fifteen children to operate the orphanage or Child care Home in Nepal according to the current low for Operation and management of Residential Child care home. Orphanage management can keep more children by arranging enough source for the new children.  (Before children capacity was minimum ten children).

These are the Basic Laws: Requirements to run orphanage child care home in Nepal set by Government of Nepal.

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