When to visit Nepal

When to visit Nepal? | Best time to visit Nepal

When to visit Nepal? Is the first question tourists often ask.  The best time to visit Nepal depends on tourists’ interests and timeframe. But that said, Nepal has everything to offer to travellers and Nepal is open round the year for travellers. Therefore there is no best time to visit Nepal, every time is best time to visit Nepal.

Trekking is a famous tourist activity which is possible during autumn (October/November) and spring (March/April) season. Trekking is best in theTrans-Himalayan region such as Dolpo and Upper Mustang even during monsoon season (June/July/August). Climbing or mountaineering is now done in Autumn, Spring and even during winter season. Similarly Rafting is also possible round the year.

Cultural tours in Nepal can be done all year round. Visiting world heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley, exploring caves and waterfalls in Pokhara or participating in festivals is possible anytime of the year. Likewise Jungle Safari in national parks in Terai region is best in Spring and Autumn.

If you need detail information about your holiday possibilities in Nepal, please write to us directly.

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