Langkawi International Travel Bubble Package 7 days 6 nights

Langkawi International Travel Bubble Package

Langkawi International Travel Bubble Package enable non-Malaysian to travel to Malaysia via Langkawi. This program also suitable for any Malaysian who travel from oversea to Malaysia. And who don’t want to stay home for quarantine. Then they can fly to Langkawi for 7 days 6 nights. Enjoy the holidays in Langkawi, and then free movement in Malaysia after day 7.

What is travel bubble Malaysia?

Travel Bubble Malaysia also known as Langkawi Travel Bubble Pilot Program. Anyone who do not hold MY Travel Pass, or Malaysia Residence permit (working visa, PR or any valid visa upon arrival in Malaysia). Then this Langkawi Travel Bubble Bubble Package will be the only way for you to travel to Malaysia from now until further notice from Malaysia Government.

Langkawi Travel Bubble Requirements

First: Contact a travel agency in Malaysia with Motac License to get a quotation on the Langkawi Travel Bubble Package 7 days 6 nights. Basic requirement for the Langkawi Travel Bubble Package 7 days 6 nights are: two ways airport transports. Day 3 and day 5 covid test transfers and 6 nights in Langkawi – others -are not mandatory.

Second: Decide on which hotel you want to stay. And purchase the ticket from the travel agency with Motac License. Need to lock the hotel’s room before proceeding to flight purchasing. Langkawi is overbooked for the month of December 2021 and January 2022. You need to secure a room before you come to Langkawi

Third: Get your Returns Flight ticket(In and Out Malaysia), make sure the incoming flights to KLIA then to Langkawi is in the same ticket. You will face problem of luggage delayed, luggage lost if you do not issue the flights in the same ticket. Up to today(16 Dec 2021), only Mas Airline fly from KLIA to Langkawi. Earliest Flight is at 9am and latest flight is at 8pm. So, make sure you have at least 4 to 6 hours transit time in KLIA before boarding to your KL Langkawi flight.

Fourth: Now, after purchasing the flights tickets, you need to have Health Declaration Form, Insurance Policy with minimum insured amount of USD 80 000, Vaccine Certificate(Dose 1, Dose 2), Travel Agency Documents (confirmation order with day to day itinerary, invoice, receipt), your travel agency Motac License.

Fifth, Now, print out all those documents, and get your covid test 48 hours before your flight to KLIA, and say Hi to Langkawi!

Contact Angie (+6012-3679785) for more information. She is the Business Development Manager for On Tour Malaysia. Since 15th November 2021, On Tour Malaysia already welcomed hundreds tourists to Langkawi via the Langkawi International Travel Bubble Package.

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