Trip to Nepal Tibet and Bhutan

Nepal and Tibet have 1400km of open Himalayan border. Bhutan and Tibet is separated by 470km of closed border. Bhutan is about 600km east of Nepal but these three countries are connected by deep Buddhist faith. Thousands of years of shared cultural, ethnic and lingual history. To uncover these secrets, a Trip to Nepal Tibet and Bhutan or Tours to Nepal Tibet and Bhutan is a must.

Travellers visiting Nepal can easily visit both Tibet and Bhutan. Overland trips from Nepal to Tibet and vice versa are frequent and so is both way flights between Kathmandu international airport and Lhasa. Daily flights also operate between Kathmandu and Paro however direct travel between Bhutan and Tibet does not exist. Which makes Nepal the viable transit point for travels to both Tibet and Bhutan.

Trip to Nepal Tibet and Bhutan attempts to combine. The most important features of each destination: Kathmandu Valley tours in Nepal, visit to Mt. Kailash/Mansarovar, Lhasa and north base camp of Mt. Everest in Tibet, Buddhist cultural tours in Bhutan. You can further optimize both the itinerary and duration of the trip to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. To suit your interests and budget. We also facilitate your visa and necessary permits including regional travel arrangements by coordinating with our local contacts in Tibet and Bhutan.

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