Mardi Himal Trek 4 days in November | Insider’s Guide with pictures

November 16 – 19 is the date I did this Mardi Himal Trek 4 days.

Here, with pictures and explanation, I hope I can explain why Mardi Himal Trek 4 days in November is your best decision ever to do the trekking in Nepal.

If you have more days, I will suggest you to make a 6 days Mardi Himal Trek or 5 days Mardi Himal Trek. 4 days Mardi Himal Trek is quite rushed. Don’t be like me.

I don’t have enough time thus I did the Mardi Himal Trek in shortest time frame.

I am the tour planner for Eyes on Nepal Tours & Treks, and for me – November is the busiest period of the year and yet I choose this time to come for this trek.

Why Mardi Himal Trek 4 days in November?

Because the period I am picking is the best time for this trek. (Date: 16 – 19 November)

NOTE: All pictures taken were by my Hua Wei Mate 10, non-edited. Not even adjusting the contrast or light, only put up the water mark of the company logo and resize it so that this page can load faster.

Day 1: Pokhara – Kande – Australian Camp – Pothana – Pitam Deurali – Forest Camp

kande to australian camp
Here at Kande, we start our Mardi Himal Trek 4 days on day 1 at 9am in the morning.
It is a 1.5 hours uphill trek from Kande to Australian Camp

From Pokhara, we drive to Mardi Himal Trek starting point Kande. From Kande, we trekked to Australian Camp then to Pothana.

NOTE: Australian Camp Trek 1 day is the easiest 1 Day Hike from Pokhara. Many tourist will do this trek from Pokhara as it only take a few hours and the view are so rewarding.

Eyes on Nepal Instagram has some nice pictures of Australian Camp. See below:

Please note at Pothana, you will meet the ACAP Check Post & Information Centre Pokhara, and you need to register your ACA Entry Permit here.

Your Mardi Himal Permit will be registered by your tour guide. If you did not apply the permit, you need to return to Pokhara from Pothana. This is the furthest you can trek to without the ACAP permit(Annapurna Conservation and Project).

Mardi Himal Permit Check Post at Pothana, Nepal
Mardi Himal Trek Route Map
Mardi Himal Trek Route Map on the way from Pothana to Pitam Deurali on Day 1
Pitam Deurali, Mardi Himal Trek
Dhalbat as our lunch at Pitam Deurali.

NOTE: There is no restaurant, lodge, or rest point from Pitam Deurali to Forest Camp, thus, you need to fill your stomach full as this will be a 4 hours trek non stop in the pine forest. Please bring along enough water or snacks.

pine forest pitam deurali to forest camp
It was a gloomy day with mist in the jungle and it we all said we are trekking though the haunted forest. It was an easy way though. Not much of uphill trek, mostly you will walk on the flat land in the jungle.
hotel forest camp
After 4 hours trekking in mist through the pine forest, we arrived at our first night hotel – Hotel Forest Camp.

Day 2: Forest Camp – Rest Camp – Low Camp – Badal Danda – High Camp

hotel forest camp
Our hotel at Forest Camp on day 2 morning. It was a sunny day and today is the day we met the Himalayas!
hotel forest camp
Our hotel at Forest Camp!
Leaving Forest Camp and we were trekking uphill all the way from Forest Camp (2600m) to High Camp(3550m)
Low Camp, Mardi Himal Trek
me and my guide

Day 3: High Camp – Mardi Himal Base Camp (4500m) – Upper View Point – High Camp – Low Camp

Today, my friends went to the Mardi Himal Base Camp then to Upper View Point at 4am. They returned to our hotel at High Camp exactly at 1pm for lunch.

When they were back, I just woke up from a good night sleep. It was a good day to remember as I was so happy at high camp on my own and enjoy the view at high camp almost all alone. It was so beutiful and I have no will to trek further up for better view(which they told me but I don’t want to risk 8 hours for similar views as what I was getting in my bed and hotel at High Camp).

At 3pm, we packed and checked out and descent down to low camp which took us 2 hours to do it.

We checked in hotel at Low Camp at 6pm. Rest down.

I am not tired at all as today I did only 2 hours downhill trek.

It was a weird feeling when I was walking in the cloud and surrounded by the cloud. Took quite a lot of similar photos with my Hua Wei Mate 10 phone. This is not a DSLR pic. Still nice, isnt it? Photo can’t tell capture the beauty of it.
Another pic of me above the cloud. Love it.
Moon rise at High Camp.

Day 4: Low Camp – Siding Village – Pokhara

Closer look at our dinner. Total 6 person, price for dinner =7000 NPR (USD 60)

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